Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Green Elephant

Artist's block has it's mysterious ways to hit a creative person's immunity and will to create. Other unfair things that undermine the inherent desire to create top it off.

Fortunately, there is always something incorruptible about the will to create, even if it is reduced to a smaller voice; as long as you still listen to it, there IS hope.

I held on to this doodle for the longest time. I remember carelessly drawing it way back in May. Something about it was striking right then. Amidst all the chaos and torment in my life I could still see the potential for it to be something worth working further on, something that needed preserving. And in return and in retrospect, I suppose this lil elephant protected me. A gazillion trumpets from the lil one, calling for attention, failed my soul. My soul was fading away. And I was dying. I had no heart to create. I had no heart to listen to it.

Tonight, (there are some angels in the air, here, somewhere) I set it free ~

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